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Protecting the Future & Preserving the Past of Maine's Lobstering Industry.

The Maine lobster industry serves as a model for sustainable fisheries around the world. The Maine Lobster Community Alliance (MLCA) serves as an educational and charitable organization serving both fishermen and the general public who feel a strong affinity for this historic fishery and its people.


The MLCA was formed in 2010 by lobster community stakeholders who pulled together with four goals: 

  • Fight to preserve Maine's lobster industry.

  • Educate the public about Maine’s lobstering heritage.

  • Reinforce scientific research that furthers sustainability.

  • Support distressed fishing families and their community.

These programs have expanded over time to include conservation, leadership programs and continuing education, including a monthly newspaper, "Landings."


The MLCA’s mission is to foster thriving coastal communities and preserve Maine’s lobstering heritage. MLCA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which achieves its charitable mission through programs in education, research and charity.

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On Wednesday, March 6, the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee in Augusta will consider emergency legislation that would allocate at least $50 million to help small coastal businesses damaged during January’s devastating storms. Sign this petition to add your name to a growing list of supporters urging passage of LD 2225!



Committee on Financial Affairs and Appropriations,


We are writing to express our strong support for LD 2225, An Act to Provide Funding to Rebuild Infrastructure Affected by Extreme Inland and Coastal Weather Events, which seeks to allocate $50 million from the Maine Budget Stabilization Fund to the Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure Adaptation Fund for critical infrastructure adaptation, repair, and improvements.


The January storms had severe impacts on the working waterfront throughout Maine’s coast. Some estimates suggest that close to 60-percent of our infrastructure was lost or severely damaged. This disaster has left fishing families struggling, as there are no resources currently available to support the rebuilding process. This makes the passage of LD 2225 crucial to bringing some much-needed stability to Maine’s seafood communities and economy.


Maine fishing businesses and working waterfronts seek not just to recover but to emerge stronger, with a revitalized working waterfront that stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people and the enduring potential of its fishing industries. Please vote in support of LD 2225 and support Maine’ s fishermen, fishing families, and fishing communities through this rebuilding effort.


To preserve Maine's lobster industry.


The public about Maine’s lobstering heritage.

SCIENCE & data

Reinforce scientific research that furthers sustainability.


Helping fishing families and their community.


News & Views from Maine's Lobstering Community