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Business News | June 2021

Brooks Trap Mill Joins Forces with Friendship Trap

Friendship Trap Company is now part of Brooks Trap Mill in Thomaston. The company’s owner, Chris Anderson, passed away in September 2020. The affiliation opens up a new pool of resources that will be mutually beneficial for both Brooks Trap Mill and Friendship Trap Company, according to the company’s Facebook page. Friendship Trap was founded by Pike Bartlett in 1977 and was one of the state’s first manufacturers of wire mesh lobster traps.

Self-Cleaning Marine Coating now Available

Durabrite Lights offers ceramic coatings for marine applications. These coatings are meant to protect lobstermen’s most prized possession…their boats! Our own line of Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Defense Coating Series uses state-of-the-art technology to enable your items to have maximum durability and stay new longer as well. Factory applied or field retrofitted, this coating will turn your investment into a self-cleaning, UV-resistant, game changer for all kinds of extreme applications, including marine, high-end automotive, and construction.

Innovative Machine Saves Time, Prevents Injuries

The Alliance Rubber Company’s new Seafood Banding Machine automates lobster banding previously done by hand. Manufactured in the United States, this machine decreases the pain and swelling in fingers, forearms, and carpal tunnel wrist area from manual banding operations. Furthermore, the Seafood Banding Machine significantly increases the amount of seafood sent to market by providing consistent operating throughout the day. In celebration of the new product, Alliance Rubber is giving away one Seafood Banding Machine. Visit the company’s official sweepstakes page at: and complete the entry form.

New Electronic Software Approved for Federal Reporting

Real Time Data’s Deckhand Pro electronic logbook platform has been approved by the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) as eVTR software suitable for submitting vessel trip reports. The company plans to make the software available for purchase and download beginning in June. Webinars and tutorials will also be available throughout the summer in conjunction with the rollout of GARFO’s eVTR regulations.

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