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“Priority research and prevention projects will be determined by assessments based on the burden of the hazard, the need for the project, and its potential impact. Stakeholder input will be collected throughout the research process,” said CMSHS director Jennifer Lincoln. The establishment of CMSHS builds on the success of the NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety Research and Design Program. In 2007, NIOSH expanded its fishing safety research program from a regional program (located in Alaska) to a national program. Since that time, the Commercial Fishing Safety Research and Design Program has undertaken a national surveillance program for all commercial-fishing fatalities in order to identify high-risk fisheries and regional hazards. Research activities have focused on the prevention of vessel disasters and falls overboard, which are the leading causes of fatalities in commercial fishing. NIOSH research has influenced regional, national and international fishing safety polices and NIOSH scientists are frequently approached by external partners for technical assistance. The success of the Commercial Fishing Safety Research and Design Program serves as a base for the CMSHS to expand to other maritime subsectors such as marine transportation, ship building and commercial diving.

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