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Lobster Boat Races Return With a Roar!

Last year the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association held six of its usual 11 races; in most cases the race was the only event to be held in that town during 2020. It was not easy for race organizers as there were a number of obstacles that they had to overcome to satisfy the powers that be. It was easy to prove that the racing could be done in a safe manner, but some organizers were still told that they could not hold the races. Others persevered and made it happen, which was much appreciated by the racers and spectators alike.

Photos courtesy of Jon Johansen

Already there is a lot of anticipation about the upcoming 2021 races. At the Annual Meeting and Banquet held last October no changes were made to the rules or classes. A tentative schedule was also introduced, with all 11 events penciled in. Over the winter all confirmed that they planned to run this year. There still could be issues so you should be sure to confirm that the event is on.

There is plenty of discussions among those who follow the races about some of the new boats coming out this year. Last year we hoped to see Alfred Osgood’s Starlight Express, but delays kept her on the hard for the 2020 season. Will she make an appearance this year and if so will she be able to keep up with Cameron Crawford’s Wild Wild West , who we know was doing over 63 mph last year? If it happens it will certainly be one of the highlights of the year. There are several other new boats coming to the races this year. Doug Dodge of Beals Island has finished his wooden 28-foot boat powered with a 350 gas engine. Roger Kennedy of Kennedy Marine Engineering in Steuben has built a Crowley 36. Jeremy Beal of Wayne Beal Boat Shop in Jonesport is building a Wayne Beal 32. However, all eyes are on Steve Johnson of Long Island. We know he has a turbine engine which he’s putting into a Crowley 36. No one is sure how this is going to work, but you can be guaranteed that this could be the year’s showstopper!

After the uncertainties of 2020, we are all glad to see that this year is certainly shaping up to be a great racing season!


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