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Lobster Health Expert Returns to Maine in March!

“Quality is like a one-way gas tank. You can take the quality out of the lobster but it’s very hard to put it back in,” Lavallée said. All sorts of things weaken a lobster. Rapid hauling from the bottom is one stressor. Minor injuries to lobsters also add up to lost money, he said. Practices such as tossing lobsters, handling traps roughly and overstuffing, dropping or banging crates can increase limb loss and bleeding. Lobsters that bleed lose fluid which means they lose weight which means a lobsterman loses money. Plus that lobster is likely to be weak when it starts on its trip to the processor or dealer. “Quality is as important to the processing sector as it is to the live sector,” Lavallée emphasized. “Processors live and die by meat yield. They want a high quality non-injured lobster to start with.” Response from lobstermen after last year’s tour was very positive. Lavallée’s engaging style made the three-hour workshop pass quickly. “I have seen him three times and each time I learn something new” said veteran lobsterman John Williams. This year’s workshops are expected to draw bigger crowds. Lavallée will speak at this year’s Fisherman’s Forum and then begin his tour in southern Maine on Sunday, March 5.Here is the full itinerary: Saturday March 3rd, 1 pm, Samoset Resort/Fishermen’s Forum; Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant Sunday March 4th, 2 pm, Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant and Island Seafood Monday March 5th, 9 am, St George Town Hall Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant, Port Clyde Fisherman’s Co-op and Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op Monday March 5th 4 pm, Deer Isle Stonington High School Cafeteria Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant and Stonington Lobster Co-op Tuesday March 7th, 9 am, Swan’s Island Fisherman’s Co-op Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant and Swan’s Island Fisherman’s Co-op Tuesday March 7th 4 pm, Northeast Harbor Library, Mellon Room Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant and Cranberry Isle Fisherman’s Co-op Wednesday March 8th, 9:30 am, Gouldsboro Community Center Sponsored by Maine Sea Grant, Beals/Jonesport Lobster Co-op & Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op For more information contact Andi at 967-4555 or

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