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People of the Coast: 15-year-old Beatrice Amuso, Islesford

Some years ago, Beatrice Amuso was sitting at the kitchen table with her father, Jim, an Islesford lobsterman, and her younger brother, Xander. Her brother asked to go fishing with their father and was told no, he would have to wait until he was older. Beatrice said, “What about me?” Jim replied that she wouldn’t like it but that he would take her out so that she could see for herself. And so his 9-year-old daughter was introduced to the sea. Today, at age 15, Amuso spends her summer months working as a sternman for Stephanie Alley, another Islesford lobsterman, and her school year in Northeast Harbor attending Mt. Desert High School, where she is a freshman. She started learning the lobstering trade six years ago with her father, who taught her to haul by hand. “It was hard hauling at first. The traps were heavier than I was,” Amuso said. Alley took her on soon after and Amuso has stayed with her ever since.


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