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Another Maine Lobster Boat Race Season Comes to a Close

Despite a generally foggy, wet summer, the Maine lobster boat races drew boats and spectators throughout the coast. Whether it was in the pouring rain in Rockland or in the depths of a Downeast fog in Winter Harbor, lobstermen took to the water with gusto. The races are loud, fun and a summer tradition. And what do the winners get? A year's worth of bragging rights!

All photos by J. Johansen.

Sean Clemon's Mean Kathleen, Marshall Spear's Jacalwa, Matt Shepard's Alexsa Rose, and Tom Clemon's 4 Ladies battle it out.

Jeff Eaton's La Bella Vita and Leif Albertson's All Set have a bit of sunshine for their race.

John Williams’ Kristy Michelle, Alan Knowlton’s Sea Urchin and Chris Pope’s Old School, going hard.


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