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From the Dock: What do consumers think fishermen do?

  1. We need to begin in our own communities. I read once that if you want to feed the world you should start by feeding your own community.

  2. Consumers should really be encouraged to spend their dollars on local seafood and think outside the seafood guides.

  3. TV networks should embrace the food and human aspect of the fishing industry. I'm really bummed that not one of the fishing shows that is on TV has told the story of any type of fishing heritage or history or revealed anything else about fish or fishing other than the (sometimes) competitive nature of fishermen.

  4. We have lots of fish! One of the reasons that the cod stocks are low is because regardless of what regulations and restrictions are put on the stocks people are still demanding familiar species and so fishermen are fishing for them. There are redfish and pollock and hake but for some reason those species just won't catch on as well. Up until 10-years or so ago, no one was eating pork belly. But now I see that on a menu and I don't even have to keep reading because that is what I'm ordering.

  5. Admit that there is a difference between seafood and fishing and especially farming, and that these are complicated industries and no one group or person should manage and direct all of it. We are so convinced that we have to make fishing similar to farming in order to achieve efficiency. But we're not farming. We are not farmers. So. Stop it.

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