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2.5% of household income Maximum: Total yearly premium for the national average price of a Bronze plan sold through the MarketplacePer person:

$695 per adult $347.50 per child under 18 Maximum: $2,085 The penalty in 2016 serves as the baseline. The health insurance penalty in 2017 will continue to be the same as in 2016 with one difference. The flat dollar amount will be adjusted for inflation and calculated based on the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). People who have coverage only part of the year will pay the penalty for each month that they are without coverage. The penalty is pro-rated for the number of months without coverage; for each month a person goes without coverage, he or she will be assessed 1/12th of the annual penalty. If you had a health insurance plan through the state Marketplace in 2016, watch your mail for an important tax document called Form 1095-A. This form is necessary when you file your federal income taxes. You also can download and print a copy from your Marketplace account on Doublecheck your Form 1095-A for things like the start and end date of your coverage and the number of people in your household to make sure the information is correct. If you think any information is wrong, visit HealthCare.Gov/taxes to find out how to get a corrected Form 1095-A. Avoid the penalty at tax time! The health insurance plan on the Marketplace change every year, so check out your options. The open enrollment period ends on January 31. If you have questions about signing up or want to talk about your options, call me at the Maine Lobstermen’s Association office at 967-4555 or send an email to


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