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Lobster Lovers campaign continues throughout the fall

Boothbay Harbor along with other towns across the state will also be participating in the Lobster Lovers celebration and details on additional events will be released as they become available. The Maine Lobster Promotion Council will provide participating businesses with promotional materials and support to help get the word out about the events. “With the 2012 summer and fall lobster harvest projected to be 100 million pounds, there’s no better time to honor this valuable Maine industry,” says Dane Somers, executive director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council. “We want everyone to enjoy lobster and the festivities we have planned to celebrate the hard work and bounty of Maine’s lobster harvesters. “Gov. Paul LePage has officially proclaimed August ‘Maine Lobster Month,’” Somers adds, “and we plan to keep the momentum and excitement alive right through the fall!”


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