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MAGI: How to calculate your income for health insurance

o Earned income (e.g. wages, tips) of more than $6,200 or;

o Unearned income (e.g. public benefits, interests, dividends) of more than $1,000

o For people who have both earned and unearned income, gross income of more than the larger of either:

* -$1,000, or

* -earned income (up to $5, 850) plus $350

o First, identify the consumers adjusted gross income, which is the amount listed on the Line 37 of IRS form 1040 (or Line 4 of the IRS form 1040 EZ) used to file federal income taxes.

o Secondly, add to adjusted gross income the following: non-taxable portion of Social Security income, excluded foreign income, and tax exempt interest to get a total Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI).


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