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Marine Patrol Officer of the Year

Maine Marine Patrol Officer Alex Michaud received the 2024 Maine Lobstermen’s Association Officer of the Year Award during the Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport. The award is presented annually to a Marine Patrol Officer who has demonstrated outstanding service in support of the Maine lobster industry.

From left, MLA president Kristan Porter, DMR Commissioner Patrick Keliher, Officer Michaud, Sgt. Matthew Wyman, Col. Rob Beal. MLA photo.

Officer Michaud, who joined the Marine Patrol in 2017, serves in the St. George-Warren Patrol. In addition to strong patrol work, search and rescue support, and community relations, Michaud was recognized for investigating many lobster fishery violations including cases related to V-notching, untagged traps, fishing under suspension, and trap limits.

Officer Michaud was praised for demonstrating good judgement in his investigations. “Alex has found an important enforcement balance and utilizes good officer discretion,” wrote Marine Patrol Sergeant Matthew Wyman in a letter nominating Michaud for the award. “He applies appropriate logic, reasoning, and compassion while effectively enforcing Marine Resource Laws.”

“Alex performs his duties well and has become an excellent representative for the Department,” stated Sergeant Wyman.  “He is confident in his role as a Marine Patrol Officer and is willing to go the extra mile to successfully detect and apprehend violators of Maine’s Marine Resource Laws and Regulations.”


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