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MLA Introduces New Membership Software

This spring the Maine Lobstermen’s Association launched new membership software to support staff and streamline the membership process as well as offer better services to members.

“Increased demands on office resources have over extended staff making it harder for us to respond to member’s needs” explained Andi Pelletier, MLA’s membership director. The new system integrates a website, email function, payment processing, and a member interface. It is intended to eliminate redundant data entry, reduce errors, and give members direct access to their membership features.

Members can now create a user name and password to log in from the website. From there, members may view and update their personal information when necessary and renew with a click of a button. It also gives them access to member-only tools such as discount codes for certain businesses. New payment processing allows the MLA to step away from Pay Pal which some members were unhappy with. The new system also has an “auto renew” option for those who would like to “set their membership and forget it.” Email reminders will notify members several weeks before their membership expires, allowing members to print a renewal form or log in to make a payment from their Member Home Page.

The new MLA website allows members to log in and access members only features.

The software includes a website which features improvements such as the Business Directory and calendar, and the organization hopes to offer community forums and networking as well. Members and the public can easily donate to “Save Maine Lobstermen” or shop for MLA gear in the brand-new online store.

The new software is an exciting step forward for MLA, but members should be prepared to experience a few hiccups during this implementation phase. MLA members should not hesitate to call with questions — especially when logging in for the first time.

For MLA members who are not internet or email savvy, please know that you will not be forgotten! The MLA will continue to communicate by mail and process membership renewals by check and credit card. “We are aware that not every has, or wants to use a computer. The new system is meant to improve member’s online experience and to simplify data entry for staff. We definitely don’t want anyone to feel excluded,” Pelletier said.

Please call 207-967-4555 or email with questions, problems or to renew or join.


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