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Small business owners can offer health insurance through SHOP

  1. Have at least one employee who is enrolling in coverage;

  2. Employ 50 or fewer individuals; and

  3. Have a principal business address within the state where you’re buying coverage.Tips to help you with your SHOP marketplace enrollment:

  4. Decide on your budget. Think about what you are able to spend on health insurance and decide how much you want to contribute towards your employees’ premium costs. Additionally, consider how much your employees can afford to spend on their coverage.

  5. Decide who you’ll cover. You must cover your employees but offering dependents coverage is optional.

  6. Learn what your employees’ health insurance needs are. Ask your employees about their health.

  7. Decide if you want to offer a choice of plans or one single plan.

  8. Review the available plans in your area. This can be done by going to If you need assistance, contact me to help you through the process. Call 207-967-4555 or email


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