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So, What's in Your Trap?

Part of the lure of lobstering is that moment when the trap breaks over the rail in a splash of salt water. What is inside? Of course, every lobsterman is hoping for a trap packed with hard-shell lobsters of a considerable size. But sometimes the trap contains not a bunch of claw-waving crustaceans but something just .. a .. bit .. different.

It's a good day when the bait comes to you.

Matthew Huntley

F/V Mattie Lynn

Off Bucks Harbor

Hello to the hermit crab.

Genevieve McDonald

F/V Hello Darlin's II

Stonington, Maine

A brittle sea star came along for the ride.

Declan Thomas Noon

F/V Down and Back

East Pointe, Prince Edward Isle

Man versus mudling!

Jake Payson

F/V Lady Catherine

Camden, Maine

You just never know...

Taza Watt



Picture that didn't make publication but are so worth it!

Photo credits from top, left to right: "Not a lobster trap!" Nick Beaudoin, Saco; "Works great, best offer" Jesse Grant, Cushing,; Lumpfish by Mike Thompson, Stonington; "Smiling Sculpin" Rebecca Robinson, Friendship; Wolf fish by Nick Beaudoin, Saco.

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