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TAA program update: February 2012

Adjustment Gross Income Form USDA Maine Farm Service Agency (FSA) Maria Granger, executive director for Kennebec, Waldo and Knox-Lincoln Counties, reminds TAA producers to file the CCC-931, Average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) certification. The AGI form was used to determined eligibility for the TAA program during the program signup in the fall of 2010. Producers use this form to certify that they are within certain income limits for both farm and nonfarm income. Producers were also given a companion form with instructions to mail to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in California. The IRS would in turn verify that the producers are within the income thresholds for the program. The national USDA office conducted a mailing in November of 2011 to all producers who had failed to send their AGI companion form to the IRS. This letter had specific instructions for producers to maintain program eligibility. Producers who received this letter with a CCC-931 must follow the instructions on the forms closely. Failure to submit the CCC-931 could result in a loss of program benefits. Producers are strongly encouraged to contact the local county office with any questions. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. If you received a letter or any correspondence regarding the CCC-931, please contact the FSA County Office as soon as possible. If this form is not received by the deadline and you have received a payment, you will have to pay the money back. For more information about the CCC-931 or other FSA programs, contact your FSA office and visit the FSA website at:

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