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Update from the Maine Lobster Promotion Council

  1. Keep comments and discussions about price between buyers and sellers, not in the media.

  2. Don’t use derogatory terms to talk about Maine lobster; it is a luxury food item.

  3. Be a great sales person for the product and the industry.  Start the conversation with everything that is amazing about Maine lobster, including: Sustainable, MSC certified; Quality handling; Heritage of lobster fishing; Made in the U.S.A.; Superior taste. We have been spreading the word about Maine lobster in key markets, particularly in New York City. Our first media hit was a three-day series in online foodie publication Serious Eats. Their writers provided readers with valuable information about buying, cooking and handling Maine lobster. They also conducted a very advantageous comparison of hard-shell lobster versus soft-shell lobster. Soft-shell was the clear winner, based on taste and texture. We also wanted to make sure that consumers knew when the shedder season got underway to help boost demand as those lobsters hit the market. With the donation of hundreds of pounds of lobster from Maine lobstermen, MLPC held a three-day fundraising event in New York City at the end of June. In addition to raising over $10,000 for victims of Hurricane Sandy, the event generated press coverage with stories in a dozen New York metro region media outlets, including The New York Times, The Village Voice, Tasting Table, Gothamist, Thrillist and Metro NY. The total audience reached was over 10 million viewers/readers.  (Go to to see coverage). People lined up on city streets during a grueling heat wave for a taste of Maine lobster. The MLPC would like to offer its sincere thanks to all the fishermen and organizations who made this event possible with their generous donations, including: Beals-Jonesport Co-op Beals Lobster Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Cranberry Island Fishermen’s Co-op DB Rice Fisheries DC Air & Seafood FW Thurston Garbo Lobster LePage Bakery Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Luke’s Lobster Miller’s Wharf Port Clyde Fishermen’s Co-op Shuck’s Maine Lobster South Bristol Fishermen’s Co-op Spruce Head Fishermen’s Co-op Stonington Lobster Co-op Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound U.S. Foods Vinalhaven Lobster Co-op Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op MLPC developed a media tour for a reporter from Business Insider, a digital business publication with 24 million unique monthly visitors. When she came to Maine, she went out on a lobster boat, visited a dealer and processor and interviewed scientists and other industry people to develop a profile on the sustainability of Maine lobster and the state of the industry as a whole. We will share the story through the Web site after it is published. MLPC also sponsored a Maine Lobster Antenna-to-Tail dinner at City Grit, an innovative supper club in New York City. Chef Mary Frances Heck prepared items such as Knuckle Sandwiches, Lobster Bisque, Reconstructed Chowder, and a Clam Bake Main Course for 40 guests and selected media. The event was featured on, Pure Wow and Refinery 29 and illustrated the range of ways in which lobster can be prepared. All these media efforts are designed to increase demand for Maine lobster by highlighting positive attributes and making sure that Maine lobster is at the top of the mind of potential customers.


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