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DMR Improves Access to Aquaculture Data

The Maine Department of Marine Resources has launched three new pages on its website to provide improved access to aquaculture data. Searchable, sortable tables offer visitors an interactive resource for the most up-to-date information on Standard and Experimental Leases, Lease Applications Under Review, and Active Limited Purpose Aquaculture (LPA) Licenses.

DMR’s website will continue to provide alphabetized lists of lease decisions along with pending applications and related documents. The new content provides a way for visitors to search and sort leases by species, lease type, status, water body, town, expiration date and acreage.

Lnks are provided for each lease to decision documents as well as a map showing lease locations.

Tables also provide an opportunity for users to search and sort lease applications under review by applicant and lease type, and LPAs by license holder, species, location and gear type.

Each new table offers the option to download data in a manner similar to what is available through DMR’s Open Data Portal, allowing users to conduct their own analysis.


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