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Donation Jar Yields More Than $1,000 For #SaveMaineLobstermen

Who says a little can’t go a long way?

For the past several months, a spare change jar wrapped in a #SaveMaineLobstermen sticker has been sitting on the counter at Main Street Variety in Northeast Harbor. Every so often, store owner Ben Lunt would empty the jar, count the change, convert it into dollar bills, and then tuck them away for safe keeping.

Shop owner Ben Lunt with the $1,000 jar! C. Moore photo.

The jar was placed there by local lobsterman Chris Moore, who thought it would be a good way to collect a little money to help the industry. Little did he know that that spare change would eventually add up. Recently, Moore sent a check for $1,044.84 to the Maine Lobstermen’s Association's Legal Defense Fund.

When thanked for organizing such a generous donation, Moore quickly turned the praise back on the MLA, thanking it for the work it has done over the past few years to protect Maine's lobstering heritage.

It just goes to show you how a few cents here and there can add up! Do you have a local store that might be willing to place a spare change jar on its counter and help just like Ben and Chris did? We’d be happy to send you the sticker!


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