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Federal Deadline for Switching to Electronic VTR’s is Early November

Deadline coming soon

Beginning November 10, 2021, GARFO-permitted commercial fishing vessels will be required to have an electronic device onboard the vessel at the time of the trip and submit completed reports electronically within 48 hours of the end of a trip. This also applies to vessels holding only a NEFMC for-hire permit. This does not apply to vessels holding only an American lobster permit.Vessel trip reports will switch from paper to electronic submissions on that date. Vessels issued for-hire permits for New England Fishery Management Council-managed fisheries (i.e., Northeast multispecies) will also be required to use eVTR and report within 48 hours of the end of a trip.

There are several applications options available for fishermen o choose from. GARFO photo

Vessels issued a for-hire permit for Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council species or a private recreational vessel tilefish permit already submit vessel trip reports electronically. 

Paper vessel trip reports will no longer be distributed by GARFO nor be accepted for any trip beginning on or after November 10, 2021.

See our webpage for more information on the requirements.

How to Report

GARFO, our partners, and several companies have developed applications that meet our eVTR reporting requirements. There are software apps for virtually all smart phones, tablets and computers. An up-to-date listing can be found on our Electronic Vessel Trip Reporting Software Options web page along with instructions on how to use GARFO’s apps and links to partner apps.

More Information and Resources

Port Agents Based in offices from Maine through Virginia, Port Agents are available to provide remote and in-person eVTR app assistance to individuals or small groups throughout the region. You may contact a Port Agent directly, or through our Vessel Reporting Help Desk at (978) 281-9188 or

Webinars GARFO held  a series of instructional webinars for vessel operators. These webinars were for commercial and multispecies for-hire vessel operators and will be scheduled geographically according to Port Agent coverage areas. Recordings of these training sessions are available and posted on our webpage.

Other Resources To keep in touch on the latest information regarding eVTR implementation and other vessel reporting topics you can sign up for our bulletins. To sign up or to update your existing subscriptions, go to our sign up page.  Once you are on the sign up page follow these directions: Bulletins are listed under the Regional Updates subscription topic. Under the New England/Mid-Atlantic Updates sub-topic, click the + sign to expand the list, and select eVTR and VMS updates. Then click submit at the bottom.

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