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Finding The Fun In Fundraising For The MLA

This summer many people and businesses contributed to the Maine Lobstermen’s Association’s Legal Defense Fund through multiple T-shirt sales, ingenious challenges and successful auctions. But perhaps no one has made raising funds for the MLA’s legal efforts more personal than Jay Perrotta.

Jay is a salesman for Mack Boring and Parts Company . His job takes him throughout the coast of Maine where he is especially well known at the lobster boat races. Jay took up the fundraising torch for the Legal Defense Fund in his own unique way.

By June, three months into the COVID-19 lockdown, Jay’s hair has grown long, as long as it was way back in 1982. As a hockey player, Jay was fond of the hairstyle known as a “mullet.” So he set up a GoFundMe page in which he presented a challenge: If he could raise $500, he would get a “mullet” haircut and keep it for three months, despite the objections of his wife and daughters.

The many responses quickly led Jay to up his ante. After reaching $500, he pledged to dye his hair Scania orange, a particularly brilliant hue found on many boat engines, if the donations reached $1000. The photos tell the story.

Above, Jay’s long hair. Photos by H. Thompson, K. Domras and the Perrotta family.

Above, to reach $1000, Jay promises to dye his hair orange. He confesses he “didn’t think this out.”

Frank Thompson creates the mullet at the Moosabec Reach lobster boat races.

Above, Thomas McLennan finally kicks in the last donation toward the $1000 goal and Jay shaves off his brilliant mullet.

Travis Otis responds with a “high and tight” cut.


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