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From the Dock: Tenacity and Humor Among Fishermen's Strengths

“Cheer up, it’s only going to get worse.” Robert Joyce

As fishermen, we take stock during these cold winter months of the previous fishing season. Maybe your reality check is in the shop during re-heading of gear due to a personal realization of what is truly the ultimate mouse trap. Maybe your tough questions emerge during a snowmobile trip up north, in which your entire fishing career flashes before your eyes in a single moment as you subject your body to G-forces it was not designed to endure at any age. These tough questions are similar from year to year. Biblical prophecy refers to the world’s “end times” — I think fishermen sense such a time is upon us as well in regard to our chosen profession. Each year I am reminded of my grandfather’s quote reflecting the tenacity and strength of my fellow fishermen, paired with Downeast humor well-grounded in the realities of life. So as we once again take stock of another fishing year, I would encourage us all to prepare for the worst and and pray for the best. As in all aspects of life, a good sense of humor in the midst of trials and tribulations encourages others and gets us through. “Cheer up, it’s only going to get worse.” Yes, the future can look dire at times but don’t abandon your principles, and do your best to take the higher road when faced with tough circumstances.

Swans Island


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