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Lobster Girls at Work

You can’t keep a good woman down or, in this case, a girl. Children in Maine’s lobstering families are introduced to the fishery when they are young, and girls are no exception. We offer here a few pictures submitted through Instagram of lobstering girls at work. Look for more perspectives on the fishery in coming months!

Cameron Hilton with her catch and her dog Fathom. Cody Nunan pic

Jaylin Jones banding lobsters aboard the FV Nai & Gianna, Stonington. pic - Ashley Oliver.

Liberty Clark, age 8, has five traps she hauls every week with her dad from Southwest Harbor. pic - Chris Clark.

Alexis O’Connor, Bailey Island. Photo from Mary Moon.

Mia Real baiting up aboard the FV Restless Logan, South Harpswell. Pic - Melissa Moody.

Cedelia tries painting a buoy.

Cedelia Pinkham at the helm.

Dory has the hang of it.

Chris Pinkham and his daughter Dory.

Cedelia and Dorothy 'Dory" Pinkham are the daughters of the late Chris Pinkham of Boothbay and they clearly inherited their father's love of lobstering. They are just two of our "Lobstering Girls at Work" featured here.


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