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Lobsterman Helps A Friend In Need

Lobsterman John Makowsky has had a companion for his long hours out at sea — a seagull that first visited his boat in 2005, whom he subsequently named Red Eye. The bird comes to his vessel while he is fishing and stares at Makowsky through the windshield. But this year the bird turned up on his boat with a bad leg injury. Makowsky realized that in the wild Red Eye would not have long to live. Somehow he managed to catch the seagull and bring her to the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick. Red Eye was nursed to health by the staff. After being released to the wild off Makowsky’s boat, the bird soon returned for her favorite treat, brown hake.

The bird called Red Eye, with a snack. CBS news photo.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning Video


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