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Maine Fishermen's Forum 2020 Scholarship Winners

The Fishermen’s Forum Thursday silent auction and Friday night live auction once again raised a considerable amount of money for the Forum’s scholarship fund, more than $18,000 in total. M. Young photo.

Twenty-seven young people received scholarships from the Maine Fishermen’s Forum this year, totaling $60,000. This was made possible by proceeds from the 2020 Live and Silent Auctions totaling $18,901 and several dedicated scholarships. In honor of its 45th anniversary, the Forum Board presented a special award of $4,500, an anonymous fisherman made a generous $12,000 donation, and Dave Garbo, founder of Garbo Lobster in Connecticut, donated $15,000 in honor of his associates in Maine.

6,000 Winners (2) from Anonymous Fisherman’s Donation of $12,000

     Joseph Graziano

Mason Oliver

$4,500 Winner from Maine Fishermen’s Forum Board in honor of $45th Anniversary

  Dorothy Ann LeMoine

$3,000 Winners from Dave Garbo’s Donation of $15,000

  Ashley Eugley

River Fenton

Sydney Hall

Lillian Sherburne

Emma Wallace

$1500 Winners from Maine Fishermen’s Forum

Christopher Bates

Jacob Boyce

Jacob Brewer

Abigail Brewer

Makenna Brooks

Kylie Caramihalis

James Carroll

Eliot Erickson

Ava Gaulkin

Marina Ann Godin

Matthew Harris

William Kelly

Elliott Nevells

Katrina Osgood

Emma Simmons

Rosalie Varian

Basel White

Hailey Wood

Madelyn Young


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