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Mainstay of Portland Waterfront Recognized

Becky Rand, Willis Spear, Jon Bisnette, Bill Coppersmith

Becky Rand, center, with, from left, Willis Spear, Jon Bisnette and Bill Coppersmith. Photo by T. Bell.

On June 5, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA) hosted its annual meeting at the newly renovated Maine Beer Company in Freeport. Members elected the 2019 board of directors and selected officers for the organization. MCFA staff gave overviews of the past year’s projects and accomplishments, which included working with fishermen in Portland and Boothbay Harbor to elevate the importance of the working waterfront in their communities; working with groundfishermen to ensure their voices are heard in policy-making regarding groundfish, scallops, and herring; and a review of the strategic plan approved in December 2018. This plan includes developing priorities in the organization for building sustainable fisheries, expanding fishing access, and promoting innovative fishing businesses in Maine.The highlight of the night was the presentation of the first annual Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association Community Leadership Award. The recipient of the 2019 award was Becky Rand, owner of Becky’s Diner, who was recognized for her support of Maine’s commercial fishermen and Portland’s working waterfront. Becky includes fishermen as part of her family and has continuously supported them by hosting meetings, organizing fundraisers, and being a vocal advocate for their businesses and way of life. Ben Martens, MCFA’s Executive Director said, “Becky Rand is a shining example of an individual who, in all aspects of her life, gives back to Maine’s fishing community and Portland’s working waterfront. We are thrilled to award her the MCFA Community Leadership Award.”


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