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Port Clyde fishing family honored

In October 2020, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association’s (MCFA) board of directors approved the purchase of a new office building at 93 Pleasant Street in Brunswick to provide a permanent home for the association.

In August the building was officially renamed in honor of the Cushman Family. The dedication is made possible through the generous donation of $50,000 from Ben Lipson and Dr. Jill Roth along with a match of $50,000, from the community of Port Clyde.

A new sign and photos of the Cushman family will hang in the entryway of the building along with a plaque that reads the following:

"The naming of this building was made possible by a gift from Ben Lipson and Dr. Jill Roth and the community of Port Clyde."

The Maine fishing legacy of the Cushman family stretches back at least five generations. The Cushman family has been instrumental in the growth and success of the MCFA and have been staunch supporters and advocates for Maine's fishing communities.

Both Randy and Gerry Cushman were present in 2006 when the Midcoast Fishermen's Association (the precursor to MCFA) was founded. Gerry Cushman served as chairman of the board of directors from 2011 until 2019, and both Gerry and Randy still serve as members of the Board.

Today, their impact endures as MCFA works to enhance the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries by advocating for the needs of community-based fishermen and the environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine. 


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