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Web Site Gives Consumers a New Way to Compare Health Care Costs

⇒ Here’s what you can find on the CompareMaine site:

Costs: The amount the facility or provider on average charges an insurer for a medical procedure. This amount can vary by thousands of dollars.

Complications: Each facility is rated on its ability to prevent serious complications.

Infections: Each facility is rated on how well it keeps its patients safe from infections.

Insurers: The site lets you search by insurance company to see whether a procedure is covered and what’s the typical charge by procedure.

Patient Satisfaction: Each facility is rated by patients on overall quality of care.

Procedures: Hundreds of specific procedures are listed currently; more are being added as the database is updated.


The CompareMaine web site is a product of the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO). MHDO is a state agency that collects healthcare data from health insurance companies and hospitals. CompareMaine shows information on over 230 healthcare procedures from more than 270 facilities organized into 155 facility groups.


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