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Share what the lobster industry means to you – and win!

The young men and women of Maine's lobster fishery know better than most what it means to care for the ocean and to make a living from its resources. We want to hear from you: what does the fishery mean to you? What do you do to protect and conserve the Gulf of Maine? State Race photo.

No one cares more about the sustainability and protection of the Gulf of Maine than Maine lobstermen. In fact, lobstermen have been excellent stewards of the ocean for more than a century. We know that the future of our industry and our way of life relies on the preservation of this fishery.

Now the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) and Rugged Seas want to hear from the next generation of Maine lobstermen. In a brief paragraph or two tell us what this fishery means to you. Why is it important to protect and preserve the lobster fishery? What are you doing to be responsible stewards of the ocean? This contest is open to those who are relatively new to the industry or who are under age 30, and who will be responsible for ensuring its future.

One winning entry will be chosen and will receive all-new boots from XTRATUF and bibs from Guy Cotten, as well as Rugged Seas gear.

Entries should be mailed to: Rugged Seas Contest c/o MLA 2 Storer Street, Suite 203 Kennebunk, ME 04043

Submissions can also be emailed to, submitted through Instagram messages or on Facebook.

Essays will be collected until August 31st and a winner will be announced in September. Entries may also be featured in upcoming editions of Landings.

Maine lobstermen symbolize the spirit of our state and are working to ensure their heritage can continue to be passed down from generation to generation. Please share your story so that others can understand the passion, dedication, and sustainable practices of Maine lobstermen.

Rugged Seas, based in Portland, operates a Bib Drop Program and has 11 barrels to collect old bibs throughout New England. The old gear is recycled into handmade bags and other retail products. Recently, the Port Clyde Fishermen's Co-op donated the most old gear of the eleven sites, with one boat and its crew thus getting a new fishing outfit. The Co-op has decided to donate that gear to the winner of this contest. To learn more about the Rugged Seas Bib Drop Program, or to encourage your co-op or buying station to participate, visit:


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