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Winter scallop season regulations

  1. Zone 1 & 2: 15 Gallons

  2. Zone 3: 10 GallonsSEASON LENGTH: December 1 start. Zone 1 & 2: 70 days. Zone 3: 50 days. LIMITED ACCESS AREAS: Zone 1: January start. Zone 2: None (sunset). Zone 3: December start. 1 day/week: Dive Mondays. Drag Wednesdays. 10 TARGETED CLOSURES

  3. Eastern Casco Bay (spat production)

  4. Damariscotta River, above LAA (depleted)

  5. Muscle Ridge (Limited harvest Mon/Tues for draggers & Wed/Thurs for divers, rebuilding)

  6. Lower Muscle Ridge (rebuilding)

  7. Inner Blue Hill Harbor, Bartlett Landing, Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Somes Sound Harbor, Western Blue Hill Bay (Blue Hill) Harbor (mooring fields)TRIGGER MECHANISM Extended to the entire state scallop fishery, whereby if the DMR receives information indicating that a Likelihood of 30-40% of the harvestable biomass has been removed, the Commissioner will close harvesting for the remainder of the season through emergency action. ZONE 2 ROTATIONAL MANAGEMENT Fully phases in this season. The seven areas shaded that have been closed the past two seasons will rotate open for harvest, whereas areas that have been open the past two seasons will rotate closed for rebuilding. The seven OPEN areas in Zone 2 are: The Bold Coast, Little Kennebec/Englishman Bay, Addison, Frenchman’s Bay, Swan’s Island, Isle Au Haut Bay and Upper Pen Bay. IN-SEASON EMERGENCY ACTIONS While the DMR sought a reduction in the upcoming season’s length, it moved forward with a Zone 1 & 2 70 day and a Zone 3 50 day season rulemaking proposal at the request of the Scallop Advisory Council and industry. However, it will not be likely that the season run this long and emergency closures will be implemented in-season to prevent areas from being overfished.


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